Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you can find answers to common questions regarding our mehndi, application and booking process.

How long does henna colour last on the skin?

Henna stain will last until the skin it dyes exfoliates. Stains can last from 1-4weeks depending on the area it is on, aftercare and how much the skin is exfoliated.

Do you make your own henna? Is it safe?

Yes and yes! Henna is safe and natural for everyone to use. There is no chemical or artificial dyes added in our henna -- only pure organic henna mixed with natural essential oils. Clients with sensitive skin are afraid to use henna sometimes, but be aware -- our henna is not the same as ready made store bought cones which contain artificial and harmful dyes and preserving chemicals. Those types of henna often cause discomfort, and reactions. We also offer free samples for brides who would like to test out our product.

Our henna is high quality and colour guaranteed -- we even supply our cones to other henna artists who trust our quality and colour standards.

How can I book your services?

Thank you for considering us for your special event or any other event! The first place to start is with the date of your event, we recommend having the mehndi done 2-3 days prior to the event so that the peak colour has reached.

Once the date is set, we can check for availability. If available, you can setup a consultation to go over designs and pricing. Or you can choose to confirm the booking and go over designs closer to the wedding date.

In order to confirm any booking, a deposit would be required, which can be done in person (we are located in Surrey), or via online Interac Etransfer.

Once the deposit has been made, the booking is %100 confirmed, and a written/email confirmation will be given.

 How much do you charge?

Bridal mehndi packages start from $200 & up for both hands and feet. The price then goes up depending on the length and intricacy of the design.

For guests/family, prices start from $5 per side of the hand and go up depending on the design.

For larger parties, we have additonal artists available as well.